We are all Aging & Amazing!

June 7, 2022   |   Uncategorized

In August 2019, the two words, Aging & Amazing, came to me so naturally. I spent the last few years being in many different roles working with older adults and caregivers. Age always factored into various scenarios in some way. By profession and passion, I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker, and my niche is working, supporting, and positioning older adults, caregivers, and professionals specializing in aging. Weekend and lunchtime conversations of downsizing, aging in place, relocating, retiring and caregiving became the norm for me. I often get stares and comments of my conversation being “too old” for my age. Daily I am forced to acknowledge that people do not view aging so amazingly! In fact, there are lots of fears that are projected through avoidance, anger, and sly jokes. To be politically correct, the term is called ageism.

My determination to contribute to changing the negative view of aging into a positive one came through my own entrepreneurial vision. Being the dreamer that I am, in between catching my breath as a social worker in a long-term care community, I envisioned how someone like me could convince everyone that Aging is Amazing! The name of my company came to me with instant delivery and download, Aging & Amazing, LLC! Whenever anyone speaks those words, my hope is that there is a trembling roar in their chest and a sense of conviction and position to say, “I am Aging & Amazing!” Aging comes with changes, some very welcomed and others that require contemplation and compassion. Therefore, the two words Aging & Amazing have synchronicity that we should all learn to acknowledge and embrace.

Being Aging & Amazing is you and me! Each age brings wisdom and various levels of experience and enlightenment. Every day and every second, we are all aging. As I write this blog post, I reflect on my past and hope on my future to age gracefully through the changes, celebrations and maybe even complications. My hope is that you will do the same. I created Aging & Amazing with you in mind. Globally, our 24/7 Signature Online Community is available amongst services. It is our place to unite and to Age Amazingly together! What does Aging & Amazing mean to you?