“We’re all Aging & Amazing!” This means there is a place for you!

Who We Serve

Aging & Amazing, LLC implements an inclusive, supportive, collaborative environment to serve locally and nationwide older adults, caregivers, and professionals of all backgrounds who are committed to older adults. Our reach is far and wide breaking the barriers of our four walls! 

Aging and Amazing, LLC flourishes in compassion and passion. Our expertise, knowledge, and talents allow and qualify our Aging & Amazing team to be a professional presence with purposeful support. Locally in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas, we serve older adults, caregivers, and professionals through our range of care management services fit to meet each need. Globally, our 24/7 online community fosters a safe environment for older adults, caregivers, and professionals to embrace innovation, collaboration and dedication to supporting and promoting best practices of being Aging & Amazing in so many ways! 

Innovative, Collaborative, Strength-Based Approach 

Aging & Amazing, LLC thrives in highlighting the strengths of former and current practices to meet innovation and effectiveness to serve older adults, caregivers, and professionals specializing in aging. We serve as knowledgeable brokers bringing together the strengths of our Aging & Amazing network through multiple channels. In utilizing the Strengths-Based Approach to our business model and care, we acknowledge deficits yet allow the strengths to guide our solutions be it in-person or in our online 24/7 community.  We are innovation and collaboration at its best!