I always enjoy collaborating with other like-minded individuals who are creative, innovative, and visionaries. And that’s exactly what Aging and Amazing is all about! Malika goes above and beyond to educate and inform her community about resources which will help them to thrive as they age; however, she takes it a step further by thinking about what her community needs before they do. As a Professional Organizer, I have lended my skillset multiple times to the community of Aging and Amazing by informing them how being organized within their lives helps minimize challenges when it comes to aging. It’s always great to work with Malika who is responsive, fun, intelligent, and always puts the needs of her community first which reflects in her amazing work! Aging and Amazing is on track to becoming a one stop shop for those embarking on their aging journey.

– Jakia Muhammad, CEO, SoleOrganizer, LLC


The Mount Sinai Baptist Church Nurses Ministry is so thankful to have been introduced to Malika Moore of Aging & Amazing.  Her presentation on 2019 Caregiving and Managing Stress during our Community Health & Wellness Workshop was very informative and beneficial.  Malika’s presentation provided an understanding of the effects of stress and provided tools to lessen the risk of burnout.

– Mount Sinai Baptist Church, Washington, DC


I  worked with Malika Moore of Aging & Amazing, LLC for about a year at a skilled nursing facility.  She has proven to be an advocate for the clients she served, while maintaining a very amicable relationship with the staff. She is extremely professional, and  I have witnessed her going the extra mile to serve her clients. She is  patient and masterful at dealing with difficult  situations.  Last, but not least, she is a highly skilled professional at  her trade.  I would recommend her to my family!

– Deborah Kelly-Williams, Nurse Practitioner


I had the pleasure of working with Malika Moore [Aging & Amazing,LLC ] during a time of transition at my subacute rehab facility, while also navigating through a world pandemic. Malika seamlessly implemented protocols and processes to allow the clinical team to care for the patients and also provide a supportive environment, improving communication between the patients and respective loved ones. Malika’s energetic smile, ability to navigate through the healthcare system, create a streamlined admission and discharge plan will forever guide our facility into a path of excellence and love for each patient served. Thank you Malika Moore

– Dr. Sonja Richmond, M.D.


Malika Moore [Founder of Aging & Amazing, LLC] is a very talented and special person.  She is a consummate professional, well educated and totally dedicated to helping others.  Throughout, my many years as a clinical and educational Registered Dietitian I have worked with and taught  many bright and giving individuals who have been inspirational. Malika is outstandingly inspirational. She is a bright and shining star who will light up the lives of everyone whose life she touches.

– Jean L. Johnson,MS,RD/N, LD